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1-on-1™ Training

1-on-1 Training

1-on-1™ Training is Koenig's award winning innovation for saving time. You learn 100% more with 1-on-1™ training.

You get a personal trainer for the entire duration of the boot camp.

Advantages of 1-on-1™ Training are:

  1. Quicker learning since you receive undivided attention of the trainer. You don't have to wait for your turn to seek an explanation.
  2. Better quality. Quality of instruction has an inverse relation with the number of students in a class.
  3. Fully customized course to suit your training need.
  4. You can start from Any Date™.
  5. It is the ultimate for interactivity and adaptability.

1-on-1™ Training is not the same as mentoring. Mentoring, by definition, is support and guidance provided for self-learning. 1-on-1™ training is actually instructor-led training where the instructor is present all the time (unlike mentoring) and it is classroom training (and not self learning).

If you are opting for our Super Fast Track, the cost includes 1-on-1™ Training. If you are opting for Fast Track or Regular Track, you can shorten the duration by requesting for 1-on-1™ Training at an extra cost which varies between US$ 25 to US $ 100 per day (depending upon the technology).

"Value of personalized learning is well established. Research shows that individually tutored students perform two standard deviations higher than (or better than 98% of) their traditionally taught peers." – Harvard Business Review , January 2012

Koenig also offers 1-on-1™ Training through Live Virtual Classroom.


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